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dognow is an extensive online platform for dog owners who participate in agility and other competitions with their dogs.

Functions like online registration, evaluation, results, live views and more makes dognow also for organizers to an indispensable onlinetool.

With dognow you can connect with your friends and also register your friends for competitions. Features for the common management of your dogs and friends are always available.

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Magna Racino Agility Open 2021

ÖRV HSV Pottendorf

Seminar mit Lisa Frick

Lisa Frick

3. Steiermark-Cup 2020

ÖGV Hartberg

Proberichten mit Isabella Stefl

ÖRV HSV Stockerau Nord Agility Funny Bones

Moorhunde Agility-Herbstturnier 2020

ÖGV Salzburg

4. Steiermark-Cup - Halloween -Turnier

ÖGV Trofaiach/Umgebung

Dritter DOGmotion Diving Cup 2020 & Finale


Zweiter DOGmotion Diving Cup 2020


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dognow functions


With dognow you can add your own friends and their dogs to events.
Depending on your eligibility, you can also manage your friends' dogs.

Show results

Available results are available at dognow anytime. If accepted by the organizer, you can also follow the results via live views.

Event manager

As an organizer you can use dognow to handle an entire event. From the administration of all lists to the evaluation of the run results.

Connect with other clubs

You can connect with other clubs on dognow to hold cups together. By connecting, certain events are linked to a cup and the result lists will be generated automatically.